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Security and PCI compliance

Converge is a fully encrypted solution with add-ons that help manage your customer’s card data with ease. Every payment made on the Converge platform is encrypted at every stage, and no payment data is stored in the app or on the card reader. If the device is ever lost, broken or stolen, your customer’s payment information is safe.

Improve cashflow with online invoicing

Give your customers the ease of paying invoices online while improving your business’s cashflow. Send invoices by email, not snail mail, and get funded as early as tomorrow when your customers make their payment. Everything you need to create an invoice, email it and accept the payment online is built directly into Converge.

Save money as you grow

Scale without a major upfront payment solution investment with Converge. Simply use your existing hardware and payment infrastructure and easily expand to up to 5,000 users. Access Converge from any web browser using a secure login without specialized hardware or software requirements.

Payment Solutions

Converge is an absolute multi function POS utility. You are able to process payments from anywhere in the world in the currency of your choice. Create and send email Invoice and charge receipts at the same time. For repeat customers Converge conveniently, legally and safely stores the credit card information for future use. It also will send up a Red Flag reminder when a card nears its expiry date.

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Wireless Terminals

Wireless point-of-sale terminals are ideal for any environment where you have to bring the point of payment to the customer. Elavon has short-range and long-range mobile wireless POS solutions. These are suited for restaurant/food service businesses, most retail operations, taxi/car services or for tradespeople who need a point-of-payment on the go.

Ingenico iWL220B
The Ingenico iWL220B is a highly reliable wireless POS terminal, even under heavy volumes. It is equipped with more memory than most other competitor models, and it includes the IP diagnostics application. The colour-coded port labels simplify service and support, and its exceptional design and ease of use reduces input errors and trainin…

Ingenico iWL220B Blue-Tooth Communication Base
The Blue-Tooth Communication Base is required inorder to operate the iWL220B Terminal. (Note: One Communication Base can run up to 4 Terminals, at the same time.)

Ingenico iWL250G
The Ingenico iWL250G is a state-of-the-art long range wireless debit and credit card terminal. The compact ergonomic design provides easy transport and the extra long life battery ensures that you have enough power to get through even the busiest day. Ease of Use This all-in-one mobile payment terminal features an internal PIN pad and f…

Ingenico iWL250G – Programming Base
The Programming Base is not required to operate the Ingenico iWL250G Wireless Terminal however in the event a terminal requires programming and you chose not to rent a base there will be a 2 day shipping delay before the Terminal can be programmed.

Ingenico iWL250G SIM CARDs
Terminal are compatable with Rogers, Bell or Telussim cards.

Ingenico Telium Tetra MOVE/5000 (Smart)
Move/5000Boost sales on-the-go with a world of business appsThe Move/5000 is a game changer, opening the portable payment terminal to a new world of business apps.ContactlessSecurityTouchscreenBar codeCameraHTML5Thermal PrinterCreate new consumer experiences by combining payment and mobilityAccept the broadest range of payment methods on-…