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Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Elavon is Canada’s choice for Payment Processing. They provide everything you need in order to accept debit and credit cards, preparing you for safe and secure point-of-sale transaction processing – at the lowest rates, guaranteed.

Electronic payment processing provides you and your customers with speed and convenience:

  • Customers like to earn rewards and prefer the convenience of paying by debit and credit cards. 
  • Higher Average Sales. Consumers spend more with credit and debit than they do with cash or cheques.
  • Impulse/Large-ticket Purchases. Consumers don’t need to have large amounts of cash in the bank. They can spread their payments out over time.
  • You get paid more quickly than with cheques and more securely than with cash. Cash and cheques are risky and more vulnerable to fraud. Counterfeit bills are appearing in all denominations, not just large ones. Cheques can bounce or take two days or longer to clear.